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Our purpose

To ensure that each student acquires the necessary knowledge, skills and character to make a positive contribution to society and ‘thrive’ as a global citizen.

The academy’s mission is under-pinned by an expectation that young people will develop their “character” both within and beyond the classroom. This means that students (and staff) aim to “live” our core values:


Curiosity: Be motivated; seek new experiences, want to find out more about the world. Think laterally, be creative, and endeavour to innovate.

Commitment: Work hard and give of your best. Set goals and how self-discipline to attain them.

Courage: Be honest, be ethical - do what is right by you and your community. Stand out from the crowd even when this is challenging.   

Compassion: Be kind; take care of yourself and others’ mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Stand-up for and support the less fortunate.

Confidence: Be positive, believe in yourself, trust in hard work. Be ambitious and optimistic for the future.

Courtesy: Respect people and property. Listen and respond, politely. Accept that you will be held to account. Collaborate with others.