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The House system at Thomas Deacon Academy encourages constructive competition and gives every student a sense of community and belonging. Being part of a House is important to our students and ensures that pastoral care is of the highest standard.

The Academy is divided into six Houses and each House is led by a dedicated Head of House and Deputy Head of House who oversee a team of Tutors to ensure that the pastoral and well-being needs of each student are met.

Horizontal tutor groups are part of the House system from year 7 – 11 and  this allows a chance for targeted year group activities to take place during tutor time.

The Houses


Head of House - Mr Clarke, email:


Head of House - Mrs Hudson, email:


Head of House - Mrs Grimwood, email:


Head of House – Mrs Lloyd, email:


Head of House – Mr Davison, email:


Head of House - Mr Akthar, email:

During the year, the Houses compete in a series of events to win points. These include:

  • Sports Day

  • Battle of the Bands

  • Enrichment

  • Explorers

Students can also add to their House totals through earning achievement points for excellent work and effort and a range of other smaller activities organised throughout the year.

Earning House points

There are many activities running through the Academy year for students to contribute to their House. Each achievement point awarded to students automatically adds to the House total and these are recorded by teachers and entered in the system.  For the large events, such as Sports Day and Battle of the Bands, points are based on finishing positions. Students can also gain House Points for taking part in extra-curricular activities, for representing the Academy and for participating in many enrichment activities.