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Key Stage 3 Team - led by Mr Treverton

Year 7

Head of Year - Mr Akthar, email:

Deputy Head of Year - Mrs Bird, email:

Year 7 Administrator - Mrs Raines

Year 8

Head of Year – Mr Davison, email:

Deputy Head of Year  - Mrs Horsfall, email:

Year 8 Administrator - Mrs Nair

Year 9

Head of Year - Mrs Grimwood, email:

Deputy Head of Year - Mrs Scane, email:

Year 9 Adminstrator - Mrs Witten

Key Stage 4 Team - led by Mrs O'Donnell/Mrs Hudson

Year 10

Head of Year – Mrs Lloyd, email:

Deputy Head of Year - Mr German, email:

Deputy Head of Year - Mr Ihsan, email:

Year 10 Administrator - Mrs Hope

Year 11

Head of Year - Mr Clarke, email:

Deputy Head of Year - Miss Connolly, email:

Year 11 Administrator - Mrs Linton


Staff reward students who go ‘over and above’ in terms of their effort, progress, academic achievement, class contribution, academy contribution and/or character, by awarding positive behaviour points.

Positive conduct (the difference between positive and negative behaviour points) is formally acknowledged when a student reaches the following milestones: 50, 100, 150, 200 & 250 points.

In addition, staff will send ‘Praise Postcards’ to deserving students, via email.