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Maths & IT Department

Led by Nicky Roger,, the Maths & IT department strive to provide a curriculum that enables all students to achieve their full potential through challenging, engaging and enthusing learning opportunities. 



Maths Curriculum Intent

• To ensure that all students leave TDA with a maths qualification that reflects the best of their ability.

• To have an appropriate working environment for learning that nourishes the mathematical development of students.

• To promote techniques in pedagogy that motivate and engage students, encouraging them to take ownership of their learning.

• To provide students with the techniques required to investigate, critically think and problem solve in maths and other curriculum areas.

• To develop and extend oral, written and practical skills which will allow students to express themselves with clarity and be able to reason logically.

• Allow everyone to express success at any point in their mathematical development.

The students will study a range of topics over a 5-year curriculum with an option to take it further into sixth-form; some of which will expand their knowledge from Primary School and others that will present new and exciting areas of mathematics. The department prides itself on supporting students to develop confidence in mathematics and to foster an ability to transfer skills across subject areas and into everyday situations.

Beyond the classroom, students are set homework once per week. Teachers encourage students to participate in national competitions such as the UK Maths Challenge and team challenges that involve problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

KS3 Maths (Year 7-9)

Key Stage 3 Maths Subject Leader, Mr Sidaway,

In key stage three, at Thomas Deacon Academy, our primary objective is to support students transitioning from primary school into secondary school. Our teachers establish clear academic and pastoral expectations and routines to help guide students through our curriculum map. This working hand in hand with the home learning of students truly prepares students for the next step in their educational journey.

KS4 Maths (Year 10-11)

Key Stage 4 Maths Subject Leader, Mrs Nisar,

At TDA, all students work towards achieving the Edexcel GCSE Maths qualification with the vision of ensuring all students reach their potential. Students continue from KS3 following White Rose Maths. Both Year 10 and 11 are divided into the Higher and Foundation Tiers, with TDA also offering a bespoke Essential Skills SoL for students requiring extra assistance in mastering the foundations of maths. From September 2024, a group of higher-ability students will be offered an extra qualification – Edexcel Level 3 Certificate in Algebra - to stretch and enhance their knowledge with the aim of successfully preparing the students for higher education.

KS5 Maths (Year 12-13)

Key Stage 5 Maths Subject Leader, Mr Warrick,

At Thomas Deacon Academy we will build on the skills learnt at GCSE by introducing new concepts such as Calculus, Logarithms and Exponentials. Through our high expectations, clear routines and supportive environment, we prepare students for studying maths-related courses at university. In addition, we develop students' problem-solving and logical thinking skills, as well as encouraging them to explore maths beyond the scope of the curriculum through wider reading.


IT Curriculum Intent

Our intent in IT is for students to develop a love of technology and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to access the ever-changing world of technology. We aim to develop computational thinking and problem solving to ensure our students are industry ready professionals. Our curriculum creates well rounded and critically minded individuals, prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

IT Subject Leader, Mr Cox,

In key stage three at Thomas Deacon Academy, students encounter the fundamental areas of IT, learning skills that act as foundations for further study. Years 10 and 11 are divided into the BTEC IT and GCSE Computer Science. These qualifications allow students to either participate in a Level 3 IT qualification or GCE A level Computer Science, which will allow them to either access further education or prepare them for a career in the computing environment. All KS4 students work towards achieving a Level 2 qualification in IT or Computer Science with a vision of ensuring all students reach their potential.