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The challenge to design and build a car using KNEX

Supercar Design is the dream of every engineer.  Students were tasked with designing and building a car using a standard KNEX kit with a selection of components to win the race across the atrium.  Each team had to decide on a source of power which was strong enough to get their vehicle down the 10 metre straight-line course.  The design needed to be aesthetically pleasing and additional points were awarded for this.

To enter the challenge, the students needed to have tested three vehicles of different designs and present data of a good range of race results over a 10 metre course, showing the best average result.

 Florence Hall, Jawwad Abbas and Harkirat Kaur won the prize for the Year 7, 8 and 9 best  design.




Adrians Skapars, Robin Hagan and Aaqib Ameer won the prize for the Year 7, 8 and 9 fastest car.

Erik Cheok and Ricki Tura were the overall winners of the competition.