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  • Post 16 Open Evening

    We look forward to welcoming students and parents to our Post 16 Open Evening on Wednesday 15th October between 6.30-9.00pm.

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  • Homework

    Due to ongoing problems with our virtual learning environment (VLE),  some of our students are struggling to organise, plan and complete their homework and parents are unable to see what work needs to be completed.  As a result, on Monday we will be providing all students with a basic homework diary into which they will be expected to write down any homework that they receive.  This can then be checked by parents, form tutors and students.   Homework should be set for all students in line with the homework timetables and policy that can be found on the Parents’ Portal.  If you have any concerns about homework that is being set; please contact your child’s subject teachers or form tutors.

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  • Accessing your child’s data

    Accessing your child’s data

    Due to changes in the Cashless Catering systems within the Academy it has come to light that the links between what parents were able to see in their online view was different to the actual balance amounts.  Please press 'read more....' below for more information.

    Thank you 

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